Throat Chakra Sanskrit Mandala Pendant and Earrings - handcrafted by Hermit Studios

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A wonderful concept is applying the understanding of your chakras, the colours, and the energy and accessorising to match this knowledge. Chakra Jewellery itself provides a beautiful way to have a constant reminder of your inner power; a means to cleanse your energy available at all times, and look good in the process

When first considering what chakra jewellery to wear or purchase consider the environment you will be in when wearing the accessory. If you are going out for a night on the town, red might be a wonderful colour to keep you in the physical moment of the environment If there is an orchestra concert you would be attending you may want a green pendant to enhance your heart chakra and your receptiveness to the emotion of the music.

Body location is also a wonderful image to keep in your mind when choosing a piece to wear. Remember the chakra location, the colour and what it is associated with in our personal life. Chakra Jewellery can also be earrings as well. A wonderful way to help you keep your vision steady and clear is to wear a pair of earrings that have blue earrings to help open your third eye chakra. The actual pieces in this collection are hand crafted particularly to enhance and encourage your chakra growth. The practice and philosophy of Reiki incorporates different colours and symbols into wearable pieces designed for specific chakras.

We hope that you find what you are looking for… and enjoy….

The Throat Chakra Sanskrit Symbol in a Lotus Petal Mandala symbolizes enchanced and clear communication.

Pendant Size:  275mm approx
Earrings Size: 150mm approx

NOTE. Pendants and Earrings are sold separately the images on our website are for illustration purposes ONLY and are 

These pieces are NOT Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants and Earrings but a range of Fashion Spiritual Jewellery we also offer online and in-store.