Lava Stone Care Instructions

Our bracelets are handmade with natural gemstone/crystals hence you can expect some size and colour variations, whilst we endeavour to be as accurate as possible colours can differ from computer to computer. 


We advise that you check for skin sensitivities before using any of our Essential Oils against your skin, if you experience any sensitivity please discontinue use. 

Never allow children or pets to chew or suck on the Lava Stones as most essential oils could be toxic when ingested. Please avoid using too much oil on your lava stones as essential oils are strong and they do not need to be overpowering in order for your to experience their therapeutic benefits.

Application of your Essential Oils:-

When applying an essential oil to your diffusing lava stone bracelet, apply only to the surface of Lava Stone. Apply only a single drop or two at any one time. Try to avoid the essential oil coming into contact with the other gemstones, charms, spacres or the inner elastic of your bracelet as some oils can be slightly caustic and may damage these parts of your Lava Stone Bracelet. 

Avoid using stronger oils such as citrus and lemon. Our Lava Stone Healing Diffuser Bracelets are used by thousands of wellness seekers around the world. 

Allow the essential oil to dry before wearing your Lava Healing Bracelet, you can avoid having direct contact with skin or clothes. 

Caring for your Lava Stone Healing Bracelets

Store your Lava Stone Bracelet in a dry environment to avoid oxidation and also avoid exposure to chemicals, hairspray, perfumes etc. 

Avoid over stretching your bracelet when putting on and removing, please ensure that you buy a bracelet that is large enough for your wrist size (all products descriptions have their sizes). Although our elastic has a moderate stretch please avoud over stretching the elastic when putting on and removing your bracelet we find it is best to roll/push the bracelet of than stretching the elastic and pulling off your wrist.

Do not wear your Lava Stone Bracelet in the Bath or Shower they should be removed prior to bathing or showering.

Do not wear in bed, as stated in all our products descriptions, our Lava Stone Bracelets only have a moderate stretch and wearing them whilst asleep could result in them accidentally be caught or damaged whilst you are asleep.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us prior to purchasing any of our products - contact us

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