Ladies Crackle Quartz and Lava Stone Aroma Diffuser Bracelet - Rainbow Quartz - Aromatherapy Jewellery

Ladies Crackle Quartz and Lava Stone Aroma Diffuser Bracelet - mixed colour

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Ladies High Quality "Crackle Quartz" Essential Oil Aroma Lava Diffuser Bracelet
Designed and Handcrafted in Australia by Aromatherapy Jewellery 


Lava beads begin their journey to your jewellery as molten rock beneath an active volcano. At over 1,000 degrees Celsius the molten rock begins to melt and finally erupts out of the volcano. Once the lava meets the cooler air it solidifies and becomes this beautiful piece of jewellery. Lava beads promote strength & fertility - driving away anger, and assisting one in the understanding of a problem while strengthening our connection to Mother Earth. 

Chakra's - all 

Lava Stone -  Strength | Courage | Calming | Stress Relief | Grounding

Crackle Quartz is quartz which has been superheated and colour-infused. However, it does have it's own properties. Each colour has different properties.

Pink Crackle Quartz promotes fun and joy in life, it also helps you to be responsible for your feelings. It is very useful for healing after emotional trauma as it draws out the pain and replaces it with love. It helps to bring unconditional love into your heart.

Lilac Crackle Quartz helps with spiritual development, it promotes a change of attitude and new perceptions on the spiritual pathway.

Blue Crackle Quartz assists with communication, helping you to make yourself heard. It can help you to overcome speach or hearing problems.

Green Crackle Quartz helps to ground you. It may also comfort a person who is not comfortable in their own body.

Yellow Crackle Quartz can help with healing mental abuse, it assures you that it is ok to believe in yourself and your perceptions. 

Orange and Red Crackle Quartz are good for stimulating creativity.

  • Type: Lava Bracelet - Add a few drops of oil directly to the porous lava stone and aroma lasts for days!
  • Diffusing Method: Lava Stone 8 mm and 10 mm  
  • Gemstone: Genuine Crackle Quartz Gemstones 10 mm
  • Fits Wrist Size: 20 cm 
  • Presented in Velvet Pouch
  • Stretch: Moderate
  • Can be customised - If you require a larger or smaller size bracelet, please leave us a note and we can adjust prior to shipping


  1. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the porous lava stones on the bracelet.
  2. The aroma will last for about 3-4 days on the Lava Stone
  3. You can top up at anytime or wait until the current essential oil has diminished  and add another. You can also add up to three separate oils on the Lava Stones to create your own unique blend.