Healing Gemstone Chip Bracelets with Lava Stone Charm - wide variety

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Quality handmade Healing Gemstone Bracelets
are very popular in our Shop, our website give you the opportunity to buy a Chip Bracelet and add a Lava Feather Ball Charm or Lava Ball Charm to create a healing gemstone bracelet with the added benefit of Aromatherapy.    
Lava beads begin their journey to your jewellery as molten rock beneath an active volcano. At over 1,000 degrees Celsius the molten rock begins to melt and finally erupts out of the volcano. Once the lava meets the cooler air it solidifies and becomes this beautiful piece of jewellery. Lava beads promote strength & fertility - driving away anger, and assisting one in the understanding of a problem while strengthening our connection to Mother Earth.

Lava Stone -  Strength | Courage | Calming | Stress Relief | Grounding 

 Type: Gemstone Chip Bracelet with Lava Stone detachable Charm
 Feather Lava Charm (stone approx 6 mm) with lobster clasp 
 Ball Lava Charm (stone approx 8 mm) with lobster clasp
 Size: Approx 20 cm circumference
 Stretch: Moderate


    1. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the porous Lava Stone on the detachable Charm.
    2. The aroma will stay on the stone for 1-3 days.
    3. You may add more essential oil at anytime you require for topical and aromatherapy benefits or remove the lava stone charm to use a a healing gemstone bracelet on its own

      PLEASE NOTE: gemstone bracelet chips vary in size and colour, they may appear different due to different computer resolutions, please be aware of this prior to purchasing