Healing Gemstones

The Healing Power of GemstonesAccording to folklore and stories throughout history, many gemstones are thought to offer mystic healing to its wearer.

Healing Gemstones have been used for centuries to ellaviate ailments and to bring harmony, balance and prosperity. In Healing Gemstones, life energy is persistently drawn into the centre. As it approaches toward the centre, the life force becomes determined.

This attentiveness fuels the revolution of life force into gemstone power and makes the gem’s power to be set free with probable healing powers to encourage and restore the health and well-being of the whole person.

Throughout history, the curing properties of healing gemstones, their exquisiteness and enchantment have been recognised and harnessed by many natural health practitioners. 

Primitive Stone Age women and men used to wear crystal jewellery. These stones have a defensive, as well as an enhancing function, defending their users against harm. The ancients used these stones for fortification, beautification, and curative and for viewing into the future.

Gemstones were regularly worn and accepted by the earliest Egyptians as talisman and charisma. Greek mythology refers to these stones as objects of great power.

Additionally, these stones were used widely in rituals and launches by the Aztecs, Americans and Mayans. The body armour of the Jewish High Priest was placed with expensive stones thus; it carried power to the user.

These stones can make better your energy, sanitise your space, magnetise wealth, improve your intuition, boost mental abilities and self-confidence, bring profusion, or even magnetise love.

Gemstones today bring the same force and jewellery can be chosen, not just only due to the stone’s beauty but also the stone’s attractiveness. 

Our Gemstone Jewellery listed below is our most popular, when creating each piece each gemstone is specifically chosen for their unique healing properties.